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Just imagine you buy a new car. I mean a brand spankin' new car. Do you just start driving it carelessly?Do you not change the oil or check the fluid levels often? What about tires, do you let them get so warn out, they are a hazard to you and everyone around you?

Now let’s switch the scenario. You are dating an amazing person, you are careful and loving. You make sure and check on them often. You make sure your behavior isn’t hazardous to your relationship, you fall in love, it’s a PURPOSEFUL love. You set a date and get married and sit back and enjoy your spouse. But then life takes over, those regular maintenance appointments get pushed back, you’re pretty busy paying bills and raising kids possibly. Those purposeful romantic moments get forgotten because life is happening. We forget we CHOSE to be in love and love takes work. All married relationships require purposeful actions, purposeful love and are SOOOO incredibly worth it. No matter what stage you are in your marriage, why not reach for better? We would love to have you join our class! Please feel free to ask questions.

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